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Chris Wilcox


Sunset Point at Petit Jean

Today is my brother-in-law Isaac’s 26th birthday, so we went to Petit Jean tonight for a little celebration. Chris and Isaac are both avid photographers. This picture is of the two of them trying to catch the last rays of sunset at Sunset Point.…

May 9, 2008

Worship at Real Life

Real Life is the high school student ministry at New Life, and they have amazing worship nights. Chris has been playing keys with the band for the last few weeks and is loving every bit of it. It’s the first opportunity he’s had in…

May 8, 2008


Chris and I have a favorite place to eat here in Conway. It’s a hole-in-the-wall Chinese restaurant called Jade China, and they have better fried rice than anywhere else we’ve eaten… except maybe PF Chang’s, and even that’s a hard sell. Part of the…

May 8, 2008
Family Life


I’ve been somewhat MIA for the last several days – I had two major term papers due and a big final, but all of that’s done now. I’m not sure yet how well I did, but at least I survived. Until the next session…

April 30, 2008
Going Green Life Marriage

Baby Mama

So… yesterday was a long day, and nothing went quite as planned. I meant to leave for Little Rock at 10:00 am, but Chris had to work until noon, which meant not getting on the road until 1:00 pm. We stopped by the Earth…

April 27, 2008