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A Narrow Space

In August my full-time job was cut back to part-time, and I have to be honest. In spite of all of the writing I do on innovation and all of my trend-watching and market-watching, I was completely taken by surprise. I’m over that now,…

October 12, 2009

The Weariness of Midday

Many years ago when I was an intern, I found this quote by Dag Hammarskjold, wrote it on a sticky note, and posted it in my cubicle: “When the morning’s freshness has been replaced by the weariness of midday, when the leg muscles quiver…

September 4, 2009
Art Life

Vintagey Muffin Fun

Today has been a long, long day. We’re almost half-way through the weekend, and I just wrapped up fifteen hours of sewing… In case you haven’t heard, our seven-month-old Lab puppy Sydney has a penchant for tearing into the foam and polyester filling inside…

May 2, 2009