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At Home

Homemade French Chocolate Granola

One of my simple goals from my urban homesteading list was to make our own breads and granolas. We don’t eat a lot of loaf bread these days, but I do make our tortillas, pizza dough rounds, pastas, and pita breads. Sometimes we buy…

May 14, 2013


My husband made an incredibly delicious batch of yeasty cinnamon rolls yesterday and then informed me that we had to eat them all within twenty-four hours or they would get hard. I informed him this was simply an impossible task. I was wrong.…

May 2, 2011
Gardening Life

Green Beans!

Today has been a chill day at home. I skipped breakfast in favor of coffee and finishing a friend’s blog and then went all out for lunch. We made lemon pepper chicken with brown rice, roasted home-grown green beans, and crostini made with sungold…

August 9, 2009
Art Life

Food. Wine. Art.

That’s the theme at the Starving Artist Cafe in downtown North Little Rock, where my brother Joel and I had lunch today. Love the informal gallery feel, especially the painted tabletops. If you’re looking for some fresh creative work, this is the place to…

February 4, 2009