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April 30, 2008

I’ve been somewhat MIA for the last several days – I had two major term papers due and a big final, but all of that’s done now. I’m not sure yet how well I did, but at least I survived. Until the next session begins May 9, anyway. As far as the rest… it’s a weird deal, but I’ll do my best to explain.

Annie has been acting really, really weird. For the last week or two, she’s been hiding in corners, trying to get under the bed, and digging stuff out of closets to make little beds for herself. On top of that, she puked all over the house yesterday afternoon. Seriously. Like nine times. šŸ™

So after all the puking, Chris and I started to worry, and I called the vet. They thought she might be having phantom pregnancy and told us to bring her in today at 2:30. The good news is thatĀ Annie is not pregnant; they took X-Rays to make sure. However, she is experiencing a phantom or false pregnancy – with mammary glands producing milk and everything – so we have medicine to help with that. The vet said we need to play pretend with her and help her get through this, so we set up a little nesting spot for her in her new favorite closet, and we got her some snuggle bunnies from Dollar Tree. The goal is for her to think they are her puppies… So there’s all that craziness.

The bad news is that she might have hypothyroidism, which means she may never be able to have puppies. And, she has gained 14 pounds since we put her on Phenobarbitol, which is really bad.Ā The good news about the hypothyroidism is that it can be corrected with a supplement, and it may be the cause of her seizures. If so, we can take her off pheno-barbitol. The flip side is that she could have hypothyroidism AND be epileptic… we won’t know until we get the blood test back about the hypothyroidism, and we won’t know if she has both conditions until/if/when she has another seizure AFTER we take her off the Phenobarbitol. She hasn’t had a seizure since we put her on the medicine in November, but that doesn’t necessarily mean the medicine is or is not working.

Anyway, we should hear back from the vet on her test results on Friday or early next week. I’ll let you all know the results as soon as we hear.

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