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The Green Bible

October 21, 2008

I have always been puzzled by the divide between Christians and environmentalists. In my view, Christianity is rooted in the concept of stewardship, particularly over creation. Unfortunately, humanity as a whole has failed severely in this task, and we are all experiencing the negative effects of our choices. Still, a lack of unity between people of like passion but varying religious and political beliefs has prevented any great forward motion in resolving the environmental crisis.

Several ministry and faith-based environmental organizations recently partnered together to launch The Green Bible. You can read a great news article about its release here. I ordered mine from Amazon about a week ago, and it was delivered to my house on Monday morning. So far, I’m trying to make the shift the NRSV version (different versions are great for different perspectives), and I love the study guides and lists of faith-based environmental organizations in the back.

Releases and projects like The Green Bible make all of our disjointed efforts to be good stewards/be eco-friendly/reduce our carbon footprint seem just a little bit more unified. Hopefully, we can come together in these efforts and make a positive, global impact – both for the planet and for our witness for Christ.

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