Darrell the Pumpkin

November 4, 2008


darrell-the-pumpkin-2008Pumpkin-carving is such a fun, creative craft. I love it. Chris and I look forward to “pumpkin time” every year, and this year we decided to carve our pumpkin with a character from The Office, our favorite show. We chose Darrell from the Warehouse because it was easy, and he our stencil of him looks kind of scary. I mean no offense, but when the finished product is all lit up on our front porch, it looks like we have a thug guarding our front door. Hope we didn’t chase away any trick-or-treaters!

Uppercase is a great blog that I subscribe to personally, and a few days ago they featured a pumpkin-carving contest hosted on Anna Goodson Management‘s site. Talking about some carving inspiration! They have scary, artsy, out of the box, and even a little Monsters Inc, but Firefly is my favorite. I’m carving pumpkins with my family this weekend – maybe I’ll give this one a try!

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