Election Day (Or, Rock the Vote)

November 4, 2008

808873_20474910It’s Election Day. The Day of Doom or the Day the Revolution Began… however you choose to see it. I found this graphic on SXC. With all of the controversy surrounding this election, it’s highly unlikely that we’ll know who our next president is by the end of the night. Only time will tell how the results actually pan out.

Chris and I did not meet the voter registration deadline for the state of Arkansas and could only vote in Colorado if we could somehow demonstrate a good faith gesture that we would move back there one day. (How does one do that???) So, we’re not voting. I’m sad, because it’s my right and my civic duty, but I’m also relieved. I know who I would vote for the Senate and other local elections, but I would feel morally compromised in choosing either presidential candidate. I really wish Mike Huckabee had made it to the big round.

But if you’re registered, by all means, go out and vote! Have your voice heard. Many elections have been won or lost based on just a few votes. Your opinion matters.

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