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Getting a Grip on Chaos

November 3, 2008

In the midst of all of the changes Chris and I have been going through with the full-time launch of his business, I’ve been able to keep my head steady the majority of the time. We have been very blessed, and sometimes we feel naively optimistic. The launch of Chris Paul Design as a fully-functioning, full-equipped business is a dream for us, and we are excited about all of the opportunities that have been opening up.

However, I’ve noticed that small things can make me feel like all of this is out of control. Like my doctor prescribing the wrong allergy medicine, Internet issues, and other things I can’t control. These little things are a big reminder of the great big world and all of the forces that control the world that I know – and the precious few that I control, and the even fewer that care to hear my input.

Like political forces that have nothing to do with my right to vote, or the voters voice. I can barely stand to listen to the Talking Heads these days… no Fox News for me today. I’ll wait ’til Wednesday, thank you.

And the economy. Sheesh. The bad news is that our nation is in a very bad place financially, and it will take some time to get us out of the hole we’ve dug. I’m particularly sad for those who’ve lost their retirement savings and emergency funds – a lifetime of effort lost because a few executives fouled up their businesses. The good news is that we’re learning, as a nation, and hopefully we’re making the changes that we need to never make these mistakes again.

Anyway, I digress. I’ve been working on getting a grip on my lack of control. Recognizing the few things I can control and doing those things well – like my job, homework, taking care of my home and protecting our investment, and staying connected with my friends and family – have helped. Creative forays help, too, like the photo montage Chris and I put up in our living room these weekend, and our attempt at printing last Monday. I don’t have the answers to the economy, and I can’t predict the future, but I’m learning each to day to stop reacting to the news around me. Instead, I’m learning to only focus on what I can handle and the actions I can take to make a difference.

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