Spring Garden Update

March 13, 2009

It’s been a long time, folks! I’ve been working on getting the garden built and ready for spring in my “spare” time, and I’m excited to share our progress with you. Here are pictures I took after working in the yard with Sydney and Annie last Saturday morning (before heading to Russellville for a pedicure with my sister 🙂 ). We made more progress on Sunday and early this week, but alas, no pictures, and the late winter rains have commenced. I’ll post pictures as soon as I can take them.

Two Raised Beds on the Right

Two Raised Beds on the Right

Raised Garden Beds on Left

Two Raised Garden Beds on Left

These are the four raised garden beds Chris and I have built, in addition to the long, low bed behind them that I built last summer. The long, low bed currently is planted with potatoes, broccoli, kale, and two kinds of arugula. We’ll plant it with squash and zucchini as well.

Sydney "hiding" behind the newly constructed fence

Unfortunately, Sydney dug up our tomato and basil seedlings last Wednesday, so on Saturday, we constructed a temporary fence with lattice work and rebar around the garden. I’ll show you the gate and arbor we sent up for the entry in my next update — just as soon as the rain stops!

We used PVC pipe and rebar to create the tunnel framework

We are also concerned about a late frost, so we added piping to the tomato bed to create a protective tunnel. More pictures of the finished version to come in an upcoming post!

Sydney looking for a place to bury Annie's Kong


Annie is always ready for you to throw her ball!

And of course, last but not least, my little garden helpers. Sydney loves to bury things and dig them up later, and Annie loves to play ball while we work. Have you seen sweeter, happier dogs? We love them.
There is still quite a lot to do!
  • We need to add the finishing touches to the gate, including 2×4 edging and possibly better stakes.
  • We also need to finish out the paths around the beds with either mulch or garden rock.
  • We need to work on a new irrigation system since the system I set up last summer won’t work for the new layout.
  • We are still deciding wether to build two more beds or add a fire pit and chairs in the middle.
  • And, we need to plant!!

I’ll keep you updated as we make progress each weekend. Spring is finally here!

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