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I Like Tying Knots

June 23, 2009

Today has been a day of meetings. What to do with your hands when you’re on a long techy conference call?

I like tying knots.

My mom taught my brothers and sisters and me the art of macrame when we were kids, but I haven’t created any macrame pieces in something like ten or twelve years. I loved it it then, but I gave it up because of the expense of the hemp twine we used. That, and with the return of hippie-dom in my high school years, macrame jewelry was a flooded market.

Totally coincidentally, a few months ago I picked up a ball of hemp in the dollar section at Target to use on the garden. I also ordered an “oops” Polaroid pendant from Jersey Maids on Etsy last week, and when it came in the mail today, I realized the pendant was the perfect size for a key chain.

Thus the perfect conference call craft project was born.

In the interest of full disclosure… No, I was not being a bad employee, and yes, I paid attention, took notes, and actively engaged in the call. Tying knots is about as mindless (and therefore as relaxing) as knitting or doodling. It subtly opens up creative problem solving pathways while still allowing you to focus on conversation details.

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