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July 12, 2009

Diana with Instant Back attached

Now there is an Instant Back for the Diana medium format camera that let’s you capture the beautiful, vintagey feel this camera produces instantly… like a Polaroid!

Diana Instant Back

Diana Instant Back

The Instant Back attaches to the back of any Diana. We already have two in the house. This sweet little accessory would just about fulfill my dreams of medium format, instant “vintage” photography.

Only the film (Instax mini) is still in production (by Fuji), and you can get it for as low as $10/pack. Half the price of 600 Polaroid film, and a third of the price for most SX-70 film. Sweet!

Diana+ Collette

Diana+ Collette

I also love this “Colette” edition of the Diana. *sigh.*

The down side is that the Instant Back itself costs $95. I’m hoping Chris will keep this in mind for my birthday next month. 😀

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