Fall Gardening

September 7, 2010

I spent more time outside yesterday than I have in ages, and it was wonderful. We have two flower beds in the front of the house we are renting, and I’ve decided to turn them into a small kitchen garden with flowers, herbs, and vegetables.

About a month ago, I weeded the flower beds and piled grass mulch onto them. Then, yesterday I pulled a couple of persistent weeds and spread compost over the grass mulch.

It’s a bit early, but I went ahead and transplanted my blueberry bushes into opposite ends of the taller flower bed. Then, I divided the bed into three sections – one each for blue dwarf kale, carnival carrots, and romaine lettuce. I planted seeds into rows in each section, and I divided the sections by small groupings of fall annuals.

It’s a simple start to a fall garden, and I still have the other bed yet to finish. I’m considering trying rosemary, cilantro, and more flowers there. Any recommendations for a fall garden in Nashville?

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