Ottoman and Wall Art by Chris Wilcox

September 23, 2010

Chris has been a huge driver in finishing up Mackenzie’s nursery. He has had so many creative ideas, and I’ve just let him go for it. I had my own ideas to start out with, but I realized that this pregnancy is happening to both of us, and working on the nursery is a great way for Chris to connect and feel a part of things until Mackenzie gets here. He has really done an amazing job.

From the inspiration fabric to the wall color, I feel like every time someone comments on a detail of the room, all I can say is, “Oh, yeah, that was Chris’s idea,” or, “Chris came up with that.” The credit for Mackenzie’s room really goes to the dad-to-be.

The other day Chris came up with the idea to paint the wall behind the chair, and the next day during his lunch hour, he sketched and completely free-hand-painted this artwork based on our inspiration fabric.

Then, he felt like our chair needed an ottoman (and it did — especially for a guy with long legs like him). So, he found a tutorial and built one. I helped with sewing the cover.

Annie and Sydney love Mackenzie’s room, too. Can’t you tell that Annie feels right at home?

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  • Reply Wanda/Mom September 24, 2010 at 2:57 pm

    Wow, Chris is amazing, isn’t he, Dede?


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