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September 1, 2010

What an amazing week. We were busy every single night. Gotta squeeze things in while we can, right? On Monday, we had coffee and caught up with friends, and Tuesday night we went to another Financial Peace University class to make up for missing Sunday night. Wednesday, Chris’s parents came up to Nashville with Ria to have an early birthday dinner with us. We finished our last (yay!) child-birthing class on Thursday, and then on Friday, we left for Arkansas.

The weekend was wonderful, too. We celebrated Lea’s and my 29th birthday together with her and Joel, which was just perfect, and we managed to squeeze in lots of visits with some of our close friends. The baby shower my friends threw for me was so thoughtful, and it made me miss and appreciate them even more.

Driving in to Arkansas on Friday night felt strangely like going home. In a way, it felt as if we could drive over to our house, pull into the driveway, and pickup life just as we left it nearly eight months ago. Chris and I have never had a place we really called “home” — for a while, it was Colorado, but since Chris’s parents moved, it doesn’t feel quite the same.

I suppose it makes sense, really. We spent four and a half years in Conway, and the relationships we have there really are incredible. God is doing an amazing thing at New Life and in that community. It is honestly difficult to really appreciate until you step away from it. I left Sunday night feeling so overwhelmed by the love of our friends. I hope it is something I never again take for granted.

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