Out and Around

October 26, 2010

Last Friday Chris and I took Mackenzie out with us to see the Chihully art installation at Cheekwood here in Nashville. It was a beautiful exhibit.

My iPhone pictures do not give it justice. The blown-glass art pieces were absolutely stunning.

We practiced babywearing, too. I still can’t get Mackenzie in and out of the sling on my own, but it was nice to be able to hold her so closely and have my hands free.

On Sunday we went to a picked-over pumpkin patch that turned out to be more like a dusty pumpkin mart. I was disappointed, as the pumpkin patch experience is something Chris and I both look forward to every year. We picked out two pumpkins, though — one huge one, and one very small one.

In other news, I have estimated that Chris and I have changed over 200 dirty diapers since Mackenzie was born. It is amazing how quickly Mackenzie goes through a pack of diapers! Thankfully, we finally started cloth diapering on Saturday. I am so excited that Mackenzie finally fits into the newborn diapers I bought for her. It’s definitely something we’re getting used to, though – rinsing out poopy diapers is not glamorous, no matter how eco-friendly or economical your reasons might be. They are so cute on her, though — especially the pink and flowered ones. 🙂

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