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October 11, 2010

Ten days ago, we welcomed the sweetest baby girl into our lives. A few days ago, we took her out in the back yard and snapped some newborn photos for our announcements. We’re still picking and choosing and editing, but I wanted to share one here so you can all “meet” our beautiful bundle of joy. Please say hello to Mackenzie Joy Wilcox.

Welcoming Mackenzie has been the most amazing experience. From the C-section to recovery to bringing her home and breastfeeding, we are learning so much, getting help when we need it, and growing as a family. I’ve already been asked if having her here makes the delivery process and pregnancy fade in my memory. It doesn’t — I remember it all clearly, but it also just doesn’t matter. The challenges then and now pale in comparison to how very worth it she is. Every moment I spend with her is beautiful and precious.

Eventually we’ll get into a rhythm, but for now we’re taking things day by day. Eventually I’ll find time for blogging again and get caught up with my clients, and eventually Chris will feel rested and fully present at work again. (Someday, right?) But for now, we’re relishing these early days and trying to capture the moments as best we can.

Mackenzie is such a good baby, but we have challenges we’re working through. She’s a little jaundiced and a sleepy eater, but today we learned that she has a high palette, and we picked up some techniques to help her eat better. She had also lost too much weight after we brought her home, but she’s almost re-gained her birth weight now. She’s strong and healthy, and she makes the sweetest little baby coos you’ve ever heard. 🙂

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