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{You Capture} Emotion in Black and White

March 19, 2011

Last week’s theme for You Capture was Emotion in black and white.  At least, I think it was last week. I’m so behind, but I’ve had this post in draft form since the 19th, and I want to post it anyway. 🙂

Mackenzie is so expressive, and it is always interesting to watch her face when she is experiencing or trying something new.

The other day she and I practiced tummy time on the bed, and I decided to give a pillow to scale. She had fun with it, but I could tell it frustrated her, too.

The best part of achieving anything difficult is celebrating afterward, right?

And of course, we always follow up tummy time with lots of snuggles and tummy raspberries and silly footsie songs. That’s our favorite part.

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