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{You Capture} Smile

April 14, 2011

This week’s You Capture assignment is Smile. Who better to take a picture of than this little lady?

Six months has been… an interesting milestone. Mackenzie has been teething, we’ve been trying solids, and her sleep schedule has been ridiculous.

Lately, everything seems different. Like six months means starting over, except with a baby that can sit and roll and scoot wherever she wants to go. A baby who responds when I talk to her and lets me know when she’s happy or when she wants something. A baby who can reach for and grab whatever she wants.

This could be six month sleep regression, but we’re trying sleep training anyway. We have established a bedtime routine that includes ready a Bible story with Chris and praying together. I’ve also switched up her routine so that she eats right after she wakes up instead of right before. We also start soothing her to sleep after she has been awake ninety minutes, so that she takes a nap (even a brief one) after two hours of wakefulness. Sometimes the new routine works beautifully, and sometimes it doesn’t.

Like when there are roofers working next door with air compressor nail guns all day long.

But each day is new, and we are trying. Okay — sometimes we are just hanging in there.

But this face? This face makes everything worth it.

(Also — I just started tax prep last night. GAH. Any other procrastinators here with me?)

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