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I Heart Jeni’s Ice Cream

May 23, 2013

I am crazy for Jeni’s Salty Caramel ice cream sandwiches. They are the perfect combination of not-too-sweet and completely satisfying.


There are two downsides to loving Jeni’s ice cream sandwiches, though. One is the distance from my house to her one and only shop in Nashville, and the other is the price tag. It’s not that high, but it’s high enough to be prohibitive for a regular indulgence.

Lucky me, Chris indulged my obsession, and we purchased Jeni’s book when we were at the shop in East Nashville about a month ago. Then, two weeks later, we found a great deal on a Cuisinart ice cream maker at Costco. It was $20 cheaper than anywhere else I had seen it, online or otherwise. Score.





Jeni’s approach to making ice cream is so scientific and methodical that it really intimidated me, but after my second batch, I’m feeling a lot more confident. I have yet to perfect the process on the macaroons — the shape and thickness of my macaroons leaves something to be desired, and my last batch was a flop entirely. Even with all those flaws, the end results, well, they can’t be beat.


Jeni only has scoop shops in Ohio and Tennessee, but you can check out her cookbook here. You can even order ice cream online! (And for bonus points, here’s a link to her Salty Caramel ice cream recipe. Enjoy!)

I’ve got a batch of fresh homemade strawberry ice cream in the freezer, and I’m hoping to attempt the macaroons again tonight. There are so many flavors to try, I’m sure we’ll never get through them all. Won’t keep us from trying. 😉

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