DIY Coffee Canisters with Chalkboard Labels

June 10, 2013




Sometimes the simplest DIY projects are the most satisfying. They are quick, easy, and they make a big impact.

These DIY coffee canisters are one of those. You can easily transform any old jar with a can of spray paint, a chalkboard label, and chalk markers.

The chalk markers were hard for us to find at first, but we finally found them locally at Paper Source for about $10 for a pack of four. You can also find them online — sometimes they are called chalk markers, chalk ink, bistro chalk markers, and even wet wipe chalk. Joann’s has a wide variety of colors available on their website, too. (This set is very expensive, but oooh, pretty!)

Chalkboard labels are becoming increasingly common. I used these from the Martha Stewart line at Staples because it’s close to my house. However, I just found a huge variety of adorable types and styles on Etsy. Check these out. You can even buy chalkboard vinyl and make your own labels — oooh, this is probably something I need to try.

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