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MJ’s Bookshelf: Audrey Bunny

October 24, 2013

I have been waiting patiently for Angie Smith’s children’s book, Audrey Bunny, to become available. If you’re familiar with Angie and the story behind the book, you can understand why.


It’s a beautiful story about unconditional love and imperfection and lost getting found.


The story speaks to a woman’s heart, the imperfections she sees and tries to hide, the hurt, and the scars.


It speaks to a mother’s heart, the unconditional love we feel for our children and the ferocity of that love, the hope that it will sear itself deeply within our children’s hearts.


This is a story for a young girl’s heart, full of hope and wonder and a bit if insecurity. It speaks acceptance instead of perfection, love instead of scrutiny. It teaches girls that we are loved not in spite of but because of our imperfections.


The story isn’t veiled in metaphors. The message is clear and yet universal enough to meet us where we are at – young or old, mothers or not. I didn’t have to explain it to Mackenzie, and yet I know it spoke to our hearts in different ways.


And the illustrations are just beautiful , aren’t they? Breezy did a beautiful job.


The story behind Audrey Bunny is heartbreaking and beautiful and still somehow points to a loving God who never lets go of us, who watches over our life. What is so beautiful about this book is that it really ministers to the heart in a way that I don’t think Angie ever intended, even as writing it ministered to hers. When I read it for the first time, I had the urge to give it to every girl I know. I still do.

Please take a moment and get to know Angie. She’s amazing, and her words will bless you, I promise.

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