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Family Meal Plan: Week of March 23

March 25, 2014


Our new dinner table arrived on Thursday, and we love it! Chris and I finished setting it up early Friday morning. It wasn’t hard at all, and I made some progress on it on Thursday night, but my little sidekick was working against me. At every turn, Mackenzie was turning the box into a fort and the base of the table into baby doll beds where everyone was instructed to “go to sleep!” Super adorable. Totally unproductive. 🙂


But having the table set up and the house 99% unpacked is extra motivation to get back on track with our meal plan and our budget. We’ve been cooking and eating at home for the last two or three weeks, but we haven’t settled into a routine yet. I’m hoping that this is the week.


Here’s my plan — two new crockpot meals, two meals out, and three (hopefully) quick and easy stovetop recipes.

Sunday, March 23 – Dinner at Maffiosza’s with our small group

Monday, March 24 – Chris’s chicken fajitas and leftovers (followed by cleaning out the fridge and leveling it)

Tuesday, March 25 – Crockpot Tomato Basil Parmesan Soup (recipe via Today’s Mama)

Wednesday, March 26 – Crockpot Pork Carnitas

Thursday, March 27 – Sizzling Chicken Fajitas (via Smitten Kitchen)

Friday, March 28 – Family Night Out (aka, dinner at Chipotle)

Saturday, March 29 – Ginger Fried Rice (because everything is better with a fried egg)

For lunch, Chris and I will eat leftovers and salad. He’s on a no-carb kick, while I’m on a must-have-carbs kick. Just kidding. Kind of.


Mackenzie’s lunches have gotten super easy with her new school setup — I’ve been instructed to ONLY send one grain, one protein, and either a fruit and a vegetable or two fruits. They supply white milk. Easy: cheese, turkey, crackers, strawberries/grapes/apples/carrots. We vary it up with pepperoni sticks and different kinds of crackers. I’ve tried PB+J — just not her thing. Yogurt is not allowed, though. We’re bummed about that.

What is on your menu this week?

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