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Putting the Garden In

Spring has sprung, and we have been gradually building our new garden as weather permits in preparation for our first planting season in the new house. We are so excited to finally have a permanent garden again, so we are trying to build it…

March 20, 2014
At Home

House Projects Update

Hello, friends! The last month has been a complete blur, and it’s probably for the best. I think I mentioned what a bear it was to move, and possibly how absolutely crazy it was of us to think that we could close, move, and…

February 24, 2014
At Home

Old House Drama + New House Project List

Hello, friends! Well… we survived the move! We had a super smooth closing on the new house last Friday (yay!!) and foolishly thought we’d get ourselves moved in the same day. Out of the house we’ve lived in for four years. On a rainy…

February 5, 2014
At Home

Ideas for Mackenzie’s New Room

I have always had so much fun decorating Mackenzie’s room. I’m glad to leave the rest of the house to Chris and his aesthetic, but I really, really enjoy brainstorming and working on Mackenzie’s room. It’s an opportunity to have fun and play and…

January 28, 2014
At Home

Before Photos of the New House

Moving day is in three days, so while our current house is pre-move crazy town, I thought I’d share some photos of the new house, before it’s crazy town with the typical moving in chaos. We are really excited about this house. It’s about…

January 27, 2014