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{You Capture} Water

I haven’t posted for You Capture in quite a while, and I feel the urge to post something… different? more creative? here tonight. It’s been such a stressful week, and I want to post something just for fun. Nothing has been more fun lately…

June 26, 2011
you capture

{You Capture} Motherhood

Last week’s You Capture theme was Motherhood. How in the world do you capture that? Motherhood is beautiful. And fierce. Protective. Nurturing. Life-changing. Check out more You Capture posts from this week’s assignment here.…

May 16, 2011
Mackenzie you capture

{You Capture} Smile

This week’s You Capture assignment is Smile. Who better to take a picture of than this little lady? Six months has been… an interesting milestone. Mackenzie has been teething, we’ve been trying solids, and her sleep schedule has been ridiculous. Lately, everything seems different.…

April 14, 2011
Mackenzie you capture

{You Capture} Emotion in Black and White

Last week’s theme for You Capture was Emotion in black and white.  At least, I think it was last week. I’m so behind, but I’ve had this post in draft form since the 19th, and I want to post it anyway. 🙂 Mackenzie is…

March 19, 2011
Mackenzie you capture

{You Capture} Body Parts

Sometimes I stand by Mackenzie’s crib while she’s sleeping and hold her hand. She looks so small and vulnerable and alone in there, and I want to pick her up and hold her close. But I don’t do it because I also want her…

March 13, 2011