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Ideas for Mackenzie’s New Room

I have always had so much fun decorating Mackenzie’s room. I’m glad to leave the rest of the house to Chris and his aesthetic, but I really, really enjoy brainstorming and working on Mackenzie’s room. It’s an opportunity to have fun and play and…

January 28, 2014
DIY Family Mackenzie

Mackenzie’s New Bed

I’m finally getting around to sharing this… We built Mackenzie a new bed over the summer. She had really outgrown her crib, and it was just time. We found these plans we liked on Ana White’s site, and Chris did a great job combining…

June 30, 2013
Family Life

Weekend Reading

Hello, friends! I hope you’re enjoying the weekend. We spent most of our day at Home Depot because… We’re building a bed for Mackenzie! Chris is doing the building, I’ll help sand and paint, and I get to sew a brand new blanket for…

June 16, 2013

Annual Sale at Textile Fabrics

Textile Fabrics is one of my favorite local fabric stores in Nashville. I discovered it when I was searching for fabric for Mackenzie’s crib bedding. We bought this beautiful bird-print flannel there that became the inspiration for her entire room. We’ve actually purchased quite…

June 3, 2013
At Home Recipes

No Fail Strawberry Fruit Leather

Man, I wish there was such a thing. I have tried three different recipes and used up a lot of perfectly good fruit trying to make fruit leather. The first recipe was too tart and burned. The second recipe called for using plastic wrap,…

June 3, 2013