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30 Days of Grace

Unforced Rhythms of Grace

Well then. I’m already behind on my 30 Days of Grace series. I’m so sorry, friends. These aren’t easy to write, and my first post generated some questions that were tough to answer. The best place to start is usually at the beginning, so let’s…

October 7, 2013

It’s Not in Vain

Chris and I are reading a marriage devotional together. I’m not bragging about that, because we’re still working on it and figuring it out. But right now, when we can, we both read the One marriage devotional on YouVersion and then talk about it…

June 19, 2013
Life Mackenzie

Daughters of the King

Two (and a half!) year old girls are full of wonderful surprises. Today when we told Mackenzie it was time to get dressed to go, she came out of her room wearing her train hat on backwards, her heart-covered Elmo shirt, skinny jeans, black…

February 9, 2013

Before and Behind

When Mackenzie was six months old, we established a bed time routine with her that includes reading a Bible story, talking about the story, and praying together. For the last few nights, we’ve been reading about Jesus’ death and resurrection. Baby Bible stories are…

June 30, 2011

Thankfulness, Faith, and Control

Tomorrow is Thanksgiving, and I’ve been thinking about all of the concerns that I have and how easy it is to let the joy be sapped from my life. I am attempting to practice what I know – that being thankful and focusing on…

November 26, 2008