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At Home Recipes

No Fail Strawberry Fruit Leather

Man, I wish there was such a thing. I have tried three different recipes and used up a lot of perfectly good fruit trying to make fruit leather. The first recipe was too tart and burned. The second recipe called for using plastic wrap,…

June 3, 2013
At Home

Homemade French Chocolate Granola

One of my simple goals from my urban homesteading list was to make our own breads and granolas. We don’t eat a lot of loaf bread these days, but I do make our tortillas, pizza dough rounds, pastas, and pita breads. Sometimes we buy…

May 14, 2013


It has been snowing big fluffy snowflakes off and on here in Nashville for the last two days. Schools were closed today and will be closed again tomorrow. Something about this kind of weather brings back memories of winters past and draws me toward…

December 13, 2010
DIY Family

DIY: How to Make a Zippered Wet Bag

A necessary part of the cloth diapering adventure is {apparently} having wet bags readily available. At the very least, I’ve been told I need one in the nursery, one by the toilet, and one in the diaper bag. I finished sewing this large wet…

September 13, 2010

Finishing Up the Nursery

Chris and I have both switched into “get it done” gear in regard to Mackenzie’s nursery and finishing up our preparations for her. I have a few nursery projects that have just been dragging on, and I finally finished two of them Monday. I…

September 2, 2010