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For the Love of Peaches

I mentioned the other day that Chris and I are cooking through Portland, Oregon Chef’s Table by Laurie Wolf. We selected a menu of three recipes and began that adventure last weekend. It was much tougher than we thought. Initially, our plan was to…

August 15, 2013

It’s Not in Vain

Chris and I are reading a marriage devotional together. I’m not bragging about that, because we’re still working on it and figuring it out. But right now, when we can, we both read the One marriage devotional on YouVersion and then talk about it…

June 19, 2013

Happy Nine Years

Today Chris and I are celebrating our ninth wedding anniversary. NINTH. As in, NINE years, y’all. It’s crazy.…

July 26, 2012
Family Mackenzie

Wordless Wednesday

Sunday morning Daddy and Mackenzie time is the best. Her first word to me this morning was, “Ma!” She kept saying it throughout the day today, and I kept saying, “Yes, Mama loves Mackenzie.” Early this afternoon she said, “Ma-m!” I was ironing and…

September 7, 2011

Happy Birthday to My One and Only

Yesterday we celebrated my sweet husband’s 29th birthday. It was a grown-up, dad-of-an-infant kind of birthday, with dinner served quickly and sandwiched in between Mackenzie’s dinner and bedtime. For dessert I made dark chocolate brownies served with mint chocolate chip ice cream… which we…

June 9, 2011