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Mackenzie Now {18 Months}

It is so hard to believe that Mackenzie turned eighteen months old on Sunday, April 1. Eighteen months!! She was just a little bean this time two years ago, and now she is blossoming into the sweetest, funniest little girl. We had a great weekend…

April 4, 2012
Family Mackenzie

Hey, You! Get to Work!

Mackenzie loves helping in the kitchen. She’s all business, though. She goes straight into Gordon Ramsay mode. Better watch out! 🙂 Happy Monday!…

April 2, 2012

Happy Birthday, Mackenzie

It took me five days to announce Mackenzie’s birth. In true form it has taken me another five to write about her birthday. Sometimes we are so in the moment, so busy with the business of life, it’s hard to take time to document…

October 6, 2011
Family Mackenzie

Wordless Wednesday

Sunday morning Daddy and Mackenzie time is the best. Her first word to me this morning was, “Ma!” She kept saying it throughout the day today, and I kept saying, “Yes, Mama loves Mackenzie.” Early this afternoon she said, “Ma-m!” I was ironing and…

September 7, 2011