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DIY Girl’s Hair Bow + Jewelry Organizer

I must have cabin fever, or maybe it’s just the post-holiday crush, because I’ve been on an organizing spree again. I have an ongoing list in Evernote of all of the little projects around the house that have been waiting to be done. Managing…

December 29, 2013
MJ's Bookshelf

MJ’s Bookshelf: Audrey Bunny

I have been waiting patiently for Angie Smith’s children’s book, Audrey Bunny, to become available. If you’re familiar with Angie and the story behind the book, you can understand why. It’s a beautiful story about unconditional love and imperfection and lost getting found. The…

October 24, 2013
Family Mackenzie

Mackenzie Now {Three Years}

It’s been a while since I wrote a “Mackenzie Now” post. I’ve been meaning, too, but she’s changing so fast, and the words I planned to write don’t seem to fit anymore. But I’m learning that’s the way it is with toddlers. Growing, amazing,…

September 30, 2013