This could totally be me, except that I'm a Mac-only kind of girl.

I am one of those people who spends their days at a desk, in front of a computer screen.

However, you’ll frequently find me jumping up to let the dogs out, bring the dogs in, change out a load of laundry, or make a new pot of coffee.

But sometimes I’m at the local coffee shop, earbuds in, engrossed in my computer screen. Other times you’ll find me on my couch, laptop on my lap, and the news running in the background.

Yep, I’m one of the lucky ones. I work from home my home office and am currently employed full-time as the Marketing Director for Dealer Marketing Systems. I also work as a freelancer occasionally to supplement the staffing needs of Chris Paul Design.

My pet project is Creative Perch, a blog I started last fall with the goal of inspiring creativity and encouraging innovation. I post just about everyday, with the exception of holidays. If you’re an artist, designer, or small business owner, I hope you’ll take a minute to check it out, as I write with you in mind.

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