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The French Sycamore Tree

At a dinner in San Sebastian, at a very famous restaurant with a very famous wine cellar, I saw this tree. Two trees, actually, but the first one captured my attention, its trunk bound up in burlap, a huge metal clasp around its base,…

August 12, 2022
At Home Family

Vegan by Marriage

If there is a singular self-identifying fact about myself, it’s that I love food. And in the last five years or so, about Chris and I, that we love food. A nice Pinot noir and a simple charcuterie set the stage for a great date…

May 22, 2018
Family Work

How I Got Into This

I am often asked the question, “So how did you get into this?”  Whether I’m at a meetup or having coffee with a friend or sitting across the table from a relative I haven’t seen in an age, people often look at me with…

March 23, 2018

Hope Springs New

It is a gray spring day in Nashville. Storms threaten. The earth is shedding its winter skin, and new life is breaking through. Our garden has been purged of last year’s plants. Boxes have been topped off with rich, new soil. Plans for a…

March 24, 2016

Finding Fringe Hours

Do you ever feel like there is so much to do, and you literally spend yourself out doing and doing, until you look at your spouse or your child or your own face in the mirror and think, I have absolutely nothing left? I…

April 1, 2015