Hope Springs New

It is a gray spring day in Nashville. Storms threaten. The earth is shedding its winter skin, and new life is breaking through.

Our garden has been purged of last year’s plants. Boxes have been topped off with rich, new soil. Plans for a new irrigation system are in place. Planting has begun.

It’s amazing how much can change in a year. I have let this site fall to the wayside. I used to keep it updated for my Mom’s benefit, but then I learned that she was just “stealing” the photos to print and laminate at home. It was much easier to just email the photos to her.

She passed away unexpectedly in January, and since then, I haven’t known what to do with this.

The old is gone. The new has come.

I have found homes in my house for her cast iron pans, her little blue kerosene lamp, her cookbooks, her sewing machine. But gifts I gave to her? I don’t want them back.

So the question now is, what does life look like now? And how do we move forward?

Hope springs new.

The truth is that I don’t know. But in the coming days and weeks and months, I hope to find out. The promise of spring is new life after as season of barrenness. I have hope.

Choosing Joy

It’s been awhile, friends. I have been challenged to have a new post up on Thursday that I’m actually looking forward to writing and sharing with you, but it feels as if some sort of segway or transition is needed.

I hate that the title of the last post was “Worst Month,” and that it has been sitting up there for over six months. The last six months have been full of ups and downs, sure, but also so, so much good. We are truly blessed. I suppose that it’s just that I haven’t known what to say, or found the energy to find the words.

I’ve gotten away from myself a bit.

Last year we put a lot of effort into things that mattered to us – buying the house, putting in the garden, trying to start a maker space, figuring out Mackenzie’s schooling, trying for a baby. There were a lot of small victories, but we took a lot of blows, though, too, and after a while I just didn’t know what to say.

There were many days that I forgot to choose joy, to trade what might be discouraging for what is beautiful and blessed. I forgot to trust God’s plan, His perfect care, and His provision. I committed to hanging in there, to believing that God is good and faithful. But joy? That seemed to be reaching a bit.

So let me right that wrong and share with you just a bit from our lives over the last six months that has been beautiful and cause for so much joy.







Over the last six months we have worked visited family in Missouri and Colorado, been to two Notre Dame games, gone to Shedd Aquarium, played in the snow, worked on the garden, decorated our home, and enjoyed a wonderful visit from by brother and his friend Sara.

We have experienced God’s abundance and provision, and many answers to prayer… the biggest one being that we are expecting our second child this June.

I should follow that with exclamation points, right?


We couldn’t be more thrilled. Mackenzie is over the moon about being a big sister, and Chris and I are still a little in shock and awe that this is really happening. Pregnancy is hard for me, so in the midst of all of the busy and tired and working things out, I sometimes have to remind myself what an incredible blessing and gift this second child is to our family.

More on all of that soon enough. There are nursery updates to share, a bit of garden renovation/reveal. In the meantime, tell me, what is bringing you joy lately?

Worst Month

August was a tough one, you guys.

There was a lot of good in it, but a lot of hard, too.

There was my car accident, followed by scrambling to get our monies together to fix it, to learning that it was totalled, to having to find and buy a new car in less than a week. Plus, you know, general pain and soreness from the accident.

Then my purse got stolen, including my phone, wallet, checkbook, birthday cards, and some personal items. So lots of phone calls there, getting new debit cards, replacing things, etc. Etc. Etc.

Lea and I had a birthday. It was great but also weird. Thirty-three is a tough age. It’s like, this is the age where things start to really count. And where you start to inch toward middle age. That is just so strange to think about. Lea and Chris and my co-workers made it extra-special, though. I have a really wonderful family.

In better news, Mackenzie started her new school (yay!). We are thrilled. I think there are days she would still rather be at home, which is understandable, but she is making new friends quickly, and the new kids are super creative, smart, and sweet. She is excelling academically and personally, and we are so grateful for her new environment.

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Summer Update

Hello, friends!

My, how the summer is flying by! I can hardly believe we’re midway through July and already dreaming of fall and cooler weather.

Bounce Health

It seems that just as soon as the days warm up, they warm up just a little too much. We’ve already had enough of too-high temperatures, although I suspect a day at the lake might quiet some of those laments.

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