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Lisa Jo Baker's new book Surprised By Motherhood is coming out in two weeks, and I cannot wait to for it to arrive. This shareable really spoke to me, … [Read More...]

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DIY Girl’s Hair Bow + Jewelry Organizer

I must have cabin fever, or maybe it's just the post-holiday crush, because I've been on an organizing spree again. I have an ongoing list in Evernote … [Read More...]

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"It is something to be able to paint a particular picture, or to carve a statue, and so make a few objects beautiful; but it is far more glorious to carve and paint the very atmosphere and medium through which we look. To affect the quality of the day - that is the highest of arts." - Henry David Thoreau

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MJ’s Bookshelf: And Then It’s Spring by Julie Fogliano

A few weeks ago when Mackenzie and I went to Parnassus Books out of sheer desperation, really, after a very, very long day and some disappointing news … [Read More...]

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Family Meal Plan: Week of March 23

Our new dinner table arrived on Thursday, and we love it! Chris and I finished setting it up early Friday morning. It wasn't hard at all, and I made … [Read More...]

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Putting the Garden In

Spring has sprung, and we have been gradually building our new garden as weather permits in preparation for our first planting season in the new … [Read More...]

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