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The Whole Life Website is Down

Just wanted to let everyone know that I took down The Whole Life website today. Since Chris and I are looking at a change of direction, I decided that this is one project I may need to let go of for a while. I…

October 4, 2008
Going Green


Thanks, everyone, for your feedback on The Whole Life website. Everyone likes “B” or #2 the best overall, and a lot of people liked the sidebar on “C” or #3. So, I’ve decided to use “B” for the home page and a modified/combined version…

June 30, 2008
Going Green

Feedback Needed for The Whole Life…

I am working on branding The Whole Life and designing/redesigning the website. I would seriously appreciate some feedback. My goals for the site are for it to be an effective community resource, easy to navigate, creatively appealing, and professional. Here are the three different…

June 26, 2008
Going Green Life

The Whole Life – Coming Soon

I’m working on a new project called The Whole Life. I hope to develop it into a connecting point for members of the community to find resources for sustainable and healthy living choices. Going green is all about going local, and that is the…

May 25, 2008