Worst Month

September 10, 2014

August was a tough one, you guys.

There was a lot of good in it, but a lot of hard, too.

There was my car accident, followed by scrambling to get our monies together to fix it, to learning that it was totalled, to having to find and buy a new car in less than a week. Plus, you know, general pain and soreness from the accident.

Then my purse got stolen, including my phone, wallet, checkbook, birthday cards, and some personal items. So lots of phone calls there, getting new debit cards, replacing things, etc. Etc. Etc.

Lea and I had a birthday. It was great but also weird. Thirty-three is a tough age. It’s like, this is the age where things start to really count. And where you start to inch toward middle age. That is just so strange to think about. Lea and Chris and my co-workers made it extra-special, though. I have a really wonderful family.

In better news, Mackenzie started her new school (yay!). We are thrilled. I think there are days she would still rather be at home, which is understandable, but she is making new friends quickly, and the new kids are super creative, smart, and sweet. She is excelling academically and personally, and we are so grateful for her new environment.

I got a new, temporary phone. Mackenzie got to take the first inaugural photos… of our feet, of course.


And I managed to get a decent one of her and Annie. Sweet loves.

Annie and Mackenzie

I got to try out littleBits! We are having so much fun making cool gadgets with the Basic and CloudBit kits.IMG_0014-0.JPG

We also made it to Live on the Green a few times. Always so much fun and the best way to cap off the summer. 



It’s a brand new month, and better days are on the horizon. We kicked it off with a fun little Labor Day get together at our house with Lea and some friends from our Cross Point small group (of which I have no pictures), Mini Maker Faire is on Saturday, and Mackenzie’s birthday party is in two and a half weeks. So. Much. Awesomeness.

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    Yikes! That sounds really rough. I hope things look up for you soon!


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