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DIY Toddler Art Display

When it comes to creating art and making things, Mackenzie is prolific in a way only a toddler knows how to be. I have been looking for a creative way to display Mackenzie’s artwork at home that celebrates her and her act of making…

February 17, 2013
Art Mackenzie Work

Birthday Invitations

Mackenzie will be ONE(!) in just a few short weeks, so we mailed out her birthday party invitations the first weekend of the month. We are planning a small get together at the park with friends and family, but since so many of our…

September 13, 2011
Art Family

Nursery Artwork by Julia Hefner

One of my favorite things about Mackenzie’s room is that it is filled with gifts from people who already love her and can’t wait to welcome her into the world. Some of them are handmade, and some of them are gifts chosen specifically for…

September 16, 2010