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Annual Sale at Textile Fabrics

Textile Fabrics is one of my favorite local fabric stores in Nashville. I discovered it when I was searching for fabric for Mackenzie’s crib bedding. We bought this beautiful bird-print flannel there that became the inspiration for her entire room. We’ve actually purchased quite…

June 3, 2013

DIY: How to Make Baby Burp Cloths

When Mackenzie was teeny, we were blessed with an entire stack of receiving blankets. They were useful for do many things – swaddling, an extra layer of warmth, and cleaning up small spills. Mackenzie was an excessive spitter-upper, though, and I realized quickly that…

August 23, 2012

The Sleep Wars

I need help, friends. My beautiful, sweet, energetic, smart, almost-two-year-old just will not sleep through the night. And by sleep through the night, I mean even a four to five hour stretch. This was the morning after the first and only night Mackenzie has…

August 21, 2012