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Happy Friday + Links

Happy Friday, friends! It has been a good week here — We haven’t won the sleep war yet. Mackenzie is definitely teething, and her Hyland’s teething tablets and baby ibuprofen have ensured a few relatively restful nights for all of us, which has made…

August 24, 2012

The Sleep Wars

I need help, friends. My beautiful, sweet, energetic, smart, almost-two-year-old just will not sleep through the night. And by sleep through the night, I mean even a four to five hour stretch. This was the morning after the first and only night Mackenzie has…

August 21, 2012

Required Sleeping

She’s quite a bit bigger now now at 8 1/2 months, but Sydney still requires just as much sleep as she did at 14 weeks. I’ve been exhausted lately and have to admit I’m completely jealous of her freedom to take naptime whenever she…

May 18, 2009

In case you didn't know…

Growing requires sleeping. Here’s Sydney fast asleep under my desk by my feet while I – you guessed it – work. photo posted from my iPhone…

March 19, 2009