Happy Friday + Links

August 24, 2012

Happy Friday, friends!

It has been a good week here — We haven’t won the sleep war yet. Mackenzie is definitely teething, and her Hyland’s teething tablets and baby ibuprofen have ensured a few relatively restful nights for all of us, which has made for a pretty decent week.

I also posted some baby burp cloths to my Etsy shop with my husband’s encouragement, and I received a gorgeous black and white candid shot of Mackenzie from her school. I am hanging it above my sewing machine in my little workroom.

So, it turns out that infant sleep patterns and training can be a pretty sensitive topic. Most parents just nod when I bring it up, everyone says, “Do what works for you,” and no one has a magic bullet answer. (Darn!) With that in mind, I thought I’d share links to a few other posts on the topic of baby/toddler sleep that have encouraged me and/or made me laugh. Pardon the language in some of these. When you’re just that sleep deprived, you’ll go with anything that makes you crack a smile.

Disclaimer — because this top is oh-so-sensitive: I’m not for any particular sleep method. I’m sharing these links because we have tried ALL of them — not because I think any particular way is the right way to sleep train a child. Suspend judgement for a few minutes as you read.

Have a lovely weekend!

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