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I Can Dress Myself

This is another fantastic little book my mom gave to Mackenzie. We really enjoy reading it, and for better or worse, I am one hundred percent certain it has increased the number of times I hear, “No, I can do it!” in our house.…

June 20, 2013
MJ's Bookshelf

The Backyard Zoo on Maple Street

The Backyard Zoo on Maple Street is a little book that my mom gave to Mackenzie. It doesn’t have any title information, but I learned from Google that it was published in 1985 and may or may not have been authored by Peter S.…

May 31, 2013

DIY: Gift Wrap Storage Trunk

I have been on a major organizing kick. Last week I came across this image clipped by another blogger from Real Simple. I couldn’t find the original, but I decided to try to DIY it anyway. A key component to my studio/playroom/home office organization…

April 23, 2013
Art DIY Mackenzie

Before + After: Vintage High Chair

Before Mackenzie hit the six month mark, I really wanted to have a high chair ready to go for her. We started feeding her avocado at five and half months and just propped her up on our homemade nursing pillow, but I wanted her…

April 7, 2011

Etsy Shop Update

I added two new vintage Polaroids to my Etsy shop this week, including a lovely, steel Polaroid called “The 800” that requires roll film and is a beautiful collector’s item, and an Automatic 335 Land Camera that appears to be in working condition. It…

November 13, 2009