Gone, Baby, Gone

May 30, 2008

Chris has been out of town at a conference at Granger Church for the last two days, and I miss him so much. He spent a little time in Chicago last night, and he said he would bring me a Chipotle burrito, which I am very excited about. But I am ready for him to be home. Our home is so empty and quiet without him here.

I keep myself busy, though. I’m used to late nights and trips, so I have several fall-backs when I’m on my own. I always call my brother to see what he is doing (working at the Rep tonight; I can see Fire on the Mountain for free if I want). Then, I do homework (done until tomorrow), catch up on work (would, but my brain is fried), and catch up around the house (done, done, done).

So, I think I am going to head to Little Rock to hunt down a gift for my hubby’s bday next week. He’ll be 26, and we’ll be the same age for two whole months until I turn 27 in August. (I have secret plans for his birthday; if you’re interested, call me or shoot me an email. He reads my blogs sometimes, so don’t post any comments on here.)

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