Connectors and Mavens

October 20, 2008

I became a Twitterer this week and have become absolutely fascinated by it. My stats are low so far – I’m following just 27 people, and just 10 people are following me. I’ve just been at it a few days, though. Friends of mine have hundreds of people following them. I used to think Twitter was a massive waste of productive time (and maybe it is), but it is also a great communication and marketing tool. I am excited about exploring all of the possibilities it offers. 

I also started subscribing to a few favorite blogs in my RSS feeder within Mac Mail. Also loving that, as well. I subscribe to Chris Wilcox’s blog, as well as The Simple Dollar, The Happiness Project, Seth Godin‘s blog, and some blogs by authors for the New York Times ranging in topic from art to books to business & finance. Now, instead of wasting time looking up each of these sites, I can read blog updates quickly and easily, as they show up like new emails in a sub-folder of my inbox.

I’m a visual-linguistic learner, and so not as much a fan of podcasts as I am of blogs. However, I tried listening to a few podcasts while working last week, and it was okay… not as energizing as listening to good music. Some of the podcasts just weren’t that great; I’ll keep looking and let you know if I find any gems. Of course, I’m always open to recommendations from friends.

More than ever, the web is for connectors and mavens. If you’re a connector, the web is a great way to connect the people you know with the new people you meet in different social circles. If you are a maven, nearly everything there is to know that can be looked up in a book can be found on the web. The web is like a non-stop catalogue of information. And if you’re a marketer, target marketing has never been easier.

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