A Surprising Turn of Events

November 5, 2008

Last night American democracy shone bright, as much as 50% more young people voted in this election than they did four years ago. I believe I also heard that 74% of the country voted as a whole, which is a huge leap from elections past. We made history last night, in more ways than one.

I have been very ambiguous about this election, not really favoring either candidate. I wasn’t able to vote because I am registered in another state and do not have a permanent address there, and honestly, I was relieved. I had a moral conflict about voting for either Obama or McCain. 

This morning, however, I am hopeful about a new direction for this country, that America may once again be the shining light it once was. This surprises me, since I didn’t particularly favor Obama. However, if McCain had won, I would have known things were going to stay the same. Stable, predictable, and the same. Obama is a risk, yes, but sometimes great risk is involved in forging great, history-making, wonderful change.

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