It's Been a Long Day

January 6, 2009

We’re nearly a week into the New Year – unbelievable. The last week (and the last year, for that matter) has been a whirlwind. Chris and I got home from Colorado Springs on Sunday afternoon, and I spent most of the afternoon and evening getting my house in order and filling my fridge with food again. Annie hurt her paw pretty badly the day before we left and had to get stitches, so I pampered her a little and re-bandaged it for her. Sunday was nice. Nice to be home, nice to have had a nice vacation, nice to cuddle with my husband on the couch and watch Hancock in full surround sound in my living room.

The joy of being home and the reality of everything that is January have fully set in now. It has been raining and sleeting non-stop, and I’ve re-bandaged Annie’s paw two or three times already. Sydney’s last shots appointment was yesterday morning. She flinched and cried and was so ready to get out of there. Also learned she has worms and is on medication (again). Her tail *might* be healing, but the medication she was on didn’t help. Poor puppy. She’s beautiful and sweet as ever, though, and sleeping now in the living room.

The big story of the last few weeks has been one of computer problems, and today, iPhone problems. Thanks to advice from the Geniuses at the Apple Store, I needed to archive and install my laptop in order to correct the issues it was having. I waited to do that until I got home because I didn’t have my disks or backup drive. Short story: That was a bad idea. I lost Leopard, my mail, my address book, my calendars, and some of my software because when I did the archive and install, it reverted my laptop to Tiger and couldn’t import my backup files. The good news is that I was (just now, literally) able to reinstall Leopard with Chris’s disks and then restore from my Time Machine backups. I was wishing I could turn back the clock, and it turns out, some times you can. Thank God for Time Machine.

I also got a new iPhone today because mine has gone missing. I lost it in the process of moving my Christmas Tree out to the garage. Sounds strange, I know. Chris and I think I must have set it on the car and that it must have fallen off (and into a gutter? or picked up by a lucky finder?) when he left the house this morning. Nice to have a new phone, but it wasn’t planned for, and I can’t believe I actually lost mine. I’m mad at myself and mad at the day. I was frazzled by the computer problems, and when I’m frazzled, I make mistakes. Ugh.

It’s been a long day, but there is an upside. It’s a new year and a new start. Sydney and Annie are sweet as ever, and we’re working to keep them happy and healthy. Chris is growing his business and taking some time off from school. I start new classes this week, and I hope to get back to working out this week, too. I’ve totally lost track of my blogging ventures, but that will come on line again soon.

Here’s to a better year, everybody. To more joy, more laughter, more creativity, more goals accomplished and dreams reached.

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