Rediscovering Polaroid

June 9, 2009


The first thing I bought with my own money from my first “real” job as a sixteen-year-old was a Polaroid 600 OneStep camera, and I still have it. Film was $10 for 10 exposures back then, which was expensive for me, so I retired my camera after about the first 30 exposures.

After I discovered that Polaroid discontinued film production, my passion for Polaroid was renewed. Great timing, I know! So I’ve been slowly practicing and trying to get better at my placement and lighting. I also bought an SX-70 Sonar Land Camera on eBay this week. Really looking forward to playing with it once I get the basics down with my current camera.

I’ve uploaded my prints so far to my Flickr photostream. I’m definitely a beginner, and I’d love to hear your feedback!

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