Happy Six Months

April 1, 2011

Today Mackenzie is six months old. I know I say this all the time, but really, seriously, where does the time go?

Sometimes I look at her and see a little girl where there used to be a little baby. There’s no doubt she’s still a baby… but I see so much personality and joy and a desire to do things and go places.

She smiled and grabbed onto her quilt when I presented it to her last week, and this morning, when I set her in the high chair I refinished for her, she grinned immediately and grabbed onto her tray. She seemed to know it was for her, and she liked it.

I love this new phase, although it certainly has come with challenges – sleep regression, teething (two!), a cold, pink eye, crying, and general fussiness. But she is interested in everything, from picking out her outfits to holding her books to playing with her toys. She loves tummy time and scoots all over the place in her crib. We’re exploring new things everyday, and it is so much fun.

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