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June 22, 2013

This weekend is another project weekend. Chris is working hard to finish Mackenzie’s new bed, and if that goes well, hopefully we’ll get to sand, paint, and set it up in her room before Monday.

While he works on that, Mackenzie and I are going to have lots of fun. We haven’t been to the zoo since Easter, so I think we’ll go on Saturday morning, and then in the afternoon, there are ice cream and macaroons to be made. Mackenzie has been wanting to make pink and green cookies. I think I can accommodate.

Here are a few things I wanted to pass along and share with you this week.


It seems as if there is an ongoing struggle in our house to keep things neat and tidy. Here, some insights from parents who do it well. One lady gets up an hour early to clean. If I was going to get up an hour earlier than I already do, it would NOT be to clean. What about you? I do think having less stuff overall helps. That’s something we can work on.

Black bean burritos are on our menu for next week, but I need a way to cook the dried beans quickly. This technique seems pretty fool-proof. How do you cook dried beans?

And this link is just pure joy: a baby elephant playing in the ocean. Mackenzie and I have watched it over and over. She hits play on my phone and then runs off with it, yelling, “Daddyyy, baby elephant!” 🙂

Have a lovely weekend!

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