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Before Photos of the New House

January 27, 2014

Moving day is in three days, so while our current house is pre-move crazy town, I thought I’d share some photos of the new house, before it’s crazy town with the typical moving in chaos.


We are really excited about this house. It’s about 300 square feet larger than what we have had in the past, and the layout is great.


We fell in love with those fireplaces when we first saw them, but alas, they are old coal-burning fireplaces and can’t easily be converted to gas or wood. We got a quote for the work, though, and we are going to continue to work on that. We really, really want a working fireplace.


The home was built in 1900 and has been updated a little bit here and there since then. When we first made our offer, it appeared as if it had been renovated completely. However, upon inspection, we found that little or no work had been done on the foundation, and the plumbing and wiring had only been slightly updated.


Add to that freezing cold temperatures and an old pipe bursting in the living room wall, and we had ourselves a real mess.


The good news is that the seller’s insurance paid to have the water issues repaired and new floors put in. We got to pick the floors and the new wall color. We love the floors, but the wall color didn’t turn out as we expected. In some rooms, in a certain light, it looks a little pink. In other rooms, it looks purple. We are definitely going to need to repaint, but that’s old hat for us.


Mackenzie’s room will be upstairs, as will be the spare bedroom. Those two rooms are the only ones with carpet, and we plan to change that in the next year or so.



I am very excited about the super large closets upstairs. I have a plan to turn Mackenzie’s into a little playhouse. Can’t wait.


The office downstairs leaves a little to be desired. We are still working on ideas for that one.


On Saturday we had another inspection done to check on the work, and we were disappointed to find out that not a lot had been done due to delays with the weather and the general contractor being out sick. However, on Sunday afternoon, we got an email receipt from the plumber and electrician with a list of a ton of work that had been completed.

So yay! Just three days left to go. This steam train is rolling forward…

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  • Reply Hope February 22, 2014 at 7:33 pm

    The house looks great! I am sooo jealous of your fireplaces. I hope you can make them work. The one thing I wish our house had is a fireplace.


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