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MJ’s Bookshelf: And Then It’s Spring by Julie Fogliano

March 21, 2014

And Then It's Spring Cover

A few weeks ago when Mackenzie and I went to Parnassus Books out of sheer desperation, really, after a very, very long day and some disappointing news and because the best refuge I can think of is a quiet bookstore, one of the employees swooped in with so much kindness that I just almost melted. And it was so simple, just a kind inquiry about Mackenzie’s age and a suggestion to try books on CD, because her own daughter loves them, and they can be a lifesaver for moms who just need a break, you know, guilt-free, to make dinner.

That one little trip has set off a little bit of an obsession with getting to read books and listen to them at the same time, so after we listened to Fancy Nancy Sees Stars so many times that Mackenzie had it memorized, I suggested we go back and find another one.

We did find another one, as well as a few extra books, too. When I saw this one, the illustrations drew me in, and I couldn’t turn it down. It’s titled And Then It’s Spring, by Julie Fogliano, and illustrated by Erin E. Stead.

And Then It's Spring Cover Zoom

First You Have Brown

Are you just about as tired of brown as we are? This winter has seemed to last forever.

But then there are seeds

But then there are seeds, and a garden to be planted.


Rain 2

And you know that you need the rain, but when it comes, it’s not as exciting or satisfying as you might have thought. It is, after all, just rain.

Magnifying Glass

And then the rain clears, and you resist the urge to check on that garden Every. Single. Day.


And you wait. And you worry.

Worry 2


This illustration about the bears who can’t read signs about not stomping because, “there are seeds, and they are trying“, just makes me smile. Mackenzie would worry about the bears.




And then there is more waiting and keeping yourself busy and then more waiting.




But then one day, you go outside, and just like that…


It’s spring.


If you enjoyed this little preview, you can find Julie’s book on Amazon, on GoodReads.com, locally here in Nashville at Parnassus, and at some online discount booksellers.

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