Little Hero

June 30, 2014

This lady.


She was such a helper tonight, my little sidekick. She’s got my back.


We escaped to the new porch swing after dinner when it was clear we (she) had some energy to work out.


It’s amazing what a different person she becomes when we step outside.


Soothed, calmed, like she can exhale.


Her eyes are like the sea, clear and calm as can be.


She is so full of ideas and opinions and plans. I can feel four just around the corner.

So we took turns picking the music for our evening soundtrack, and she got herself and her baby doll tucked in.

Then, she wanted to push me on the swing, and we decided we (I) should clear out any spider webs that maybe hanging around.

I was brushing the corners around the swing with a branch when I suddenly screamed and jumped back and flipped the swing, somehow (thankfully) not injuring Mackenzie, who was standing right next to me. I saw a wasp fly up and realized I’d been stung. The wasp was mad by then, so I rushed us both inside.

I haven’t been stung by a wasp since I was a kid, and I wasn’t sure what to expect. My wrist started to swell quickly, but Mackenzie was right there, getting utensils and pouring on baking soda. She even helped me make tea for a poultice. We found my mom’s bee sting remedy, and she rubbed it all over my arm.

Little girl was my hero.



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